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What does SELF-GUIDED mean?

All our services are self-guided, meaning there won't be a guide accompanying you. This allows you to carry out the activity at your own pace, stop whenever you deem necessary, and enjoy the Route of the 7 Lakes in your own way. We will provide you with a map containing all the necessary information and recommendations to undertake the journey freely and safely. Everything peripheral to the departure will be taken care of by our logistics team; all you have to do is pedal and enjoy.

*Inquire about Guided Tours. (Only groups larger than 4 cyclists)

Where does the journey BEGIN and END?

The start of all our programs is in the center of Villa La Angostura, and they conclude at the San Martin de los Andes sign, located on the shore of Lake Lacar, where the town center begins. This means that all departures are made in the direction VILLA LA ANGOSTURA-SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDES.
Once the reservation is made, we will send you an instructional guide with detailed information about everything related to the journey.

*Inquire about other Routes. (Only groups larger than 4 cyclists)

Calendar of Available Dates

In our CALENDAR section, you will find all the enabled and confirmed dates. This means that on those dates, we conduct the journeys. Only on the specified dates, which allows us better organization and enables us to provide a logistics service accordingly. Dates marked in yellow are the START dates of all our programs. This means that the journey begins on that day regardless of the program you have chosen.

*Inquire about other dates. (Only groups larger than 4 cyclists)

Can I undertake the tour individually?

Yes! The tours are designed to be enjoyed by individuals as well as groups, families, or friends. Each person pedals at their own pace and makes as many stops as they desire. You will share breakfast, dinner, and camping areas with other cyclists who are also on the tour. If you are doing the tour individually, you will have an exclusive tent for yourself. If you are doing the journey as part of a group, you will share the tent with your group.

Can minors undertake the journey?

No, to undertake the journey, it's necessary to be familiar with traffic rules since you'll be cycling on a National Route. If the minor is accompanied by a parent/guardian, they will be responsible, and in that case, the minor can participate in the journey.
It's important to consider the physical difficulty of the journey for the minor.

Is it necessary for me to bring my sleeping bag, or can I rent one?

In case you don't have your own personal sleeping bag or simply don't want to travel with it, you can rent one from us, but you must request it in advance. As a piece of advice, we remind you that in Patagonia, the temperature difference between day and night is quite significant, so temperatures drop considerably at night. That's why we recommend checking that your sleeping bag is in good condition and suitable for temperatures below -5°C.

At the end of the journey, will you return me to Villa La Angostura?

Our programs do NOT include transportation to and from the starting point. If you wish to return to Villa La Angostura on the same day, you can hire the BUSPLUS bus service. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance, as the service is in high demand during peak season. Another option is to hire a taxi or private car service.