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In our team, we have spent many years enjoying the thrill of pedaling and sharing miles in the majestic Patagonia. We are passionate about transmitting our passion and, today, we are committed to making travelers discover and become true adventurers by traversing these paths on a bicycle. 

Our purpose is to share the passion for cycling and the mountains, offering travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in unique experiences, overcome challenges, and create unforgettable memories in harmony with nature. We strive to make bicycle tourism an accessible, inspiring, and transformative experience for everyone.

Christian Aprea

- Mountain Bike Guide. Mountain Guide. Tourism Guide.

Responsible Athlete for the logistics and setup of the 7 Lakes bike tour service.

“I really like nature and I believe that through physical activity is the best way to know and experience it. Pedaling through Patagonia is to immerse oneself in it and feel unique sensations of majesty, pleasure, and self-discovery. I enjoy sharing and transmitting its secrets with the people who visit us.”

Juan Pablo Navarro

- Mountain Bike Guide. Mountain Guide. Physical Education Teacher. 

Athlete in charge of equipment, suppliers, and provisioning.

Passionate about the mountains of the Andes mountain range, with extensive experience in adventures and expeditions, he contributes his knowledge to the passengers so that they can develop their full potential in this challenge.

Cristian D'Alfonso

Mountain Bike Guide. Physical Trainer specialized in cycling. Community Manager.

In charge of marketing, communication, and social media. Passionate about outdoor activities, adventure sports, and competition.

He shares all his knowledge and experience to advise passengers on their next journey.